EE Central vision and stores connected

Case Study

Point of Sale and Visual Merchandising campaign management delivered via iOS app

Increasing consistency across EE stores by delivering targeted information to store and regional managers.

  • Problem

    EE required a system whereby they could easily manage new POS and VM campaigns across their estate of 600+ stores, to ensure that the correct information is disseminated to each store, but most importantly to provide an audit trail and feedback loop for management to ensure updates are being made correctly. Prior to the app, EE had managed this process using a series of PDF and printed guides for each campaign. This was a linear process with no real feedback, so it was hard for regional managers and head office to know what was happening on a store-by-store basis, and non-compliance was being reported frequently on spot checks.

  • Solution

    The new app is designed to deliver the POS and VM document to each store in a much more targeted way. Retail store managers receive a clear brief and store-specific campaign instructions on their iPad. The information ties in with dates for POS collateral delivery, based on the modules within that store. Store managers capture photographic evidence of their efforts, and regional managers sign off the installations remotely. Regional managers and Head Office now have real-time access to granular compliance data for every campaign and a complete audit trail. The app includes a web-based reporting interface and is a native iOS build.

  • Results

    We have received feedback that the app has been highly appreciated across the organisation, with 90% of stores downloading every campaign, and a significant increase in brand compliance across the whole estate.