Williams F1 Race and fans connected

Case Study

Bespoke 24/7 website support

A tailor-made support solution for Williams Racing’s website that gives F1 fans around the globe uninterrupted updates during race weekends.

  • Problem

    The Formula 1 season spans a total of nineteen Grand Prixs across as many countries on the globe starting with Australia in March and Concluding in Dubai in November. The Williams F1 team need 24/7 support for their website during the race weekends. The key requirement is to ensure no downtime of the website as it is heavily trafficked during the races and any glitches would mean a reputational risk to the Williams brand.

  • Solution

    During each three-day race weekend we have a dedicated team supporting Williams in real time no matter where they are on the globe. Content managers, developers and a dedicated account manager are on hand to provide immediate response to any requests, whether content or functional. Race results are published as they happen.

  • Results

    There was absolutely no downtime for the two successive years the site has been supported and race fans have been more than delighted with the constant flow of uninterrupted race information available real time to them.